Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Der Sturmquilt
Storm quilting
Hi Peggy, and all of you gals over there in the US, UK and Australia,
you're completely right, you could read my blog in English because it was written in English. Not translated by Babelfish I hope.shudder...
When I started blogging I wrote an excerpt of every story in English, but as I was very busy, time lacked and energy :-(, and I thought there were no readers.......... okay that's not true and so I will restart to translate passages of my home and shop stories.
So now a short summary of all the events last week:
On Thursday we had the biggest storm ever I can remember.
"Kyrill" blew away what was not robust enough: roofs, bricks, trees.........over 20 people lost their lives in the storm. For the first time in their history the German Bundesbahn, our Train Company stopped all activities and people had to get off the trains and stay in the stations. In the European woodlands and especially in NRW/North-Rhine-Westfalia ,as the "state" where we live in is densely wooded, the timber farmers have lost a great deal of their properties to "Kyrill". Forest officials speak of damages to deal with more than half a year. We could need some lumberjacks here for sure.
At least we were safe and our house too.
We live on a hilltop and the storm was howling and the sirens of the fire department were heard in shorter intervals and to be distracted from the surrounding chaos and the incoming bad news on the radio I pulled an unfinished objects off my drawers and began to sew. Red and white to cheer me up. And as I had my problems with the pattern, I had a lot of distraction and decided to use what I already had cut(and I tend to cut a lot more than I ever will have to use). Therefore every quilt of mine has siblings:-)) I took the leftover cornerstone fourpatches to make one of the inner borders and on Friday morning I could attach the outer border. Now it's time for quilt hatch- I have to wait for the right quilting design idea.

Open House at Rhinetex
On sunday my husband and I, cs quiltdesign CEO and CFO;-),went to the Open House of my wholesale distributor in the Netherlands. A 90 min drive away.
I never saw so many quiltshop owners in one place. It was nice to meet old aquaintances and to make new ones. I had to give away a lot of my business cards:-)
since three of my quilts were displayed and 8 of my patterns are being distributed
thoughout Europe- with English translation sheet, a French one in the making.
I ordered some of Westminster's new collection and took a look on the new Clover YO-YO-maker the US girls are so fond of- there is even a flickr group with yo-yos:" gaga for garlands".
I bought a lot of supplies and touched a lot of fabric bolts, hmm.
My daughter Pia, our fashion trend scout, had her fair share in me buying b&w fabrics. She already ordered a bag made of Finlandia fabric yesterday.
My next faves are these sugar coated almonds -colours:
I couldn't resist the pink Bavarian bouquet. And somewhat I am fond of mint green, and I got two mint and white checks on the sale table! to calm the pink fabrics down.
Basket quilts and some girlie/ baby and toddler quilts are on the way to the cutting table.
Besides I cannot end without a little bit complaining about the chaos at the cash desks I had to experience on Sunday. Some people had to wait up to 4 hours! to check out. I had to wait only 2 hours but I was groggy when we finally packed the car with our purchased goods.
Good news :
Red Dahlias on bord
I got 6 yards of red dahlia from Westminster today, now I can make some fabric packs for the pattern: "Sterne im Garten"/ Stars in the yard
If you made it to the end of my musings, wow!
I admit I myself do not like to read blogs with so much text.
I prefer to look at the photos, but I know that's not sufficient, so visit often as I plan to write more in English, perhaps some day in French too( I have to practise first lol) but please do me a favour and comment.


a said...

Thanks for the English! (I took one year of German in high school...but unfortunately couldn't master it, then tried again in college, and was really awful. Almost failed that class) Anyway, I WISH I could speak it better than the few phrases I know; I really admire people who can speak more than one language. Anyway, WOW. Sounds like an amazing storm! Love, love the red quilt and all the fabric pics! Started my day off in the quilting world!

Diana said...

I was glad to see you posting in English, too. I love the red and white quilt--another name I have seen for it is "Indiana Puzzle" which is where I am from! We heard about your terrible storm. I'm glad that you are okay.