Monday, April 21, 2008

Sun actually- Endlich Sonne

Nicht nur die Katzen genossen das schöne Wetter gestern.
Kurzerhand haben wir nach dem späten Mittagessen alle Aktivitäten auf die Terrasse verlegt. Sonnenbrille und Sonnenhut waren angesagte Begleiter.

Finally it's getting sunny and warm.
Our garden bench has got a new place in the front yard and one of the cats started to conquer it at once with a great view on all the buzzing creatures around.
Yesterday after a late lunch we packed all our books and hoop and quilting gear and spend the afternoon on the terrace in the sun.
Reading, sunbathing, handquilting, stretching and yawning(cats).
So deep was the craving for some sunlight and warmth after this long and grey period of late winter.

Die jüngste Tochter kuschelte sich mit unter mein wip und ließ sich gnädigerweise ablichten.

Our youngest one let me take a picture of her new big sunglasses and snuggled under my handquilting wip which will reach the finish line today with binding,label and
hanging sleeve to get shipped tommorrow.
Meeting deadlines can be fun too!

Heute kommen Binding, Label und die Schlaufe dran und morgen geht es auf die Reise.


Stacy A. said...

Oh I know how you feel about the sunshine. I am thinking sewing in the sun would be so nice right now, but it is still only 45 degrees F, I demand 50 before I sit outside lol. Your quilts all look so springy and fresh. I love them! Love Stacy

Tine said...

Mmmm...quilting in the sun! It looks like a really good time :-)
The quilt is beautiful!

alda said...

ich fand deinen Blog und bin über deine Farbenpracht erstaunt! So schön!!!! Deine Quiltstiche sind so perfect gesetzt, ich bin noch am Üben, aber meine Stiche erinnern noch teilw. an angetrunkene Ameisen. Ich quilte momentan eine Bärchidecke für meine Lütte, ist meine zweite Decke die ich per Hand quilte...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about sunshine, many days I go out to get the mail in the afternoon and wonder why I hadn't come outside all morning. Your quilts are wonderful and I admire you for hand quilting.

Judy said...

I absolutely LOVE this quilt! Just the perfect choices and your changes are perfect! I'm going to adopt some of them for a version for myself!

Anonymous said...