Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just found Treasures

Lovely Tuesday, our neighbours are moving, the monster van is parking in front of our garage, no exit, no passing through, no parcel post?
I hope the DHL Pro is kind of inventive.
Our two cats are scared, but curious. As you can see, Leo even gets on top of the pond, pretending to sip a little pond water, just to get a better view on the dragonflies or fishes.
Today I thought of something refreshing...........

Yesterday I had to sort photos from one pc to another in order to get my C:Laufwerk ready to work, it was loaded with too many Schnickschnack.
Thus I found a lot of Dirks garden views and cat photos..............I just want you to participate.....

Webshop News

On my website you can now get a range of wonderful Valdani yarns in many colours and two qualities.
I chose some of my favourites e.g.papaya- kiwi-lemon, lollipop, fall leaves, some wonderful blues and eventually greens, but if you look for something special for a certain project, please contact me.
There are also machine needles Topstitch 90/14 available, which go perfectly with the yarn.

If you browse the shop you will find a new category called "Werkstattreste".
As my scraps of my recent projects are beginning to overwhelm my working space, I decided to get rid of them. Making room for new ideas........
There will be scrap bags, fat quarter packs, starter packs and even ready-cut packs
of fabrics I used making the original pattern quilts.
So if you want to get your scrapbag of an original "Blickfangquilt" , now you can.
Keep browsing!
In addition I want you to know that cs quiltdesign is releasing a new pattern line "Romantik" for those romantic hearts who love my fast and easy way to sew and quilt, but care for pastel colours and settings.

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