Monday, February 04, 2008

Let's Party

Here in North-Rhine-Westfalia we celebrate the fifth season of carnival. In Dusseldorf and Cologne people are on the streets in costumes waiting for the parades to come and having fun in the old towns of both cities with some yummy glasses of beer -Alt or Kölsch-and some traditional carnival songs swinging and swaying.
Living in Mainz, another carnival stronghold, for some years I had my fair share so that I can snuggle today with a
wip on the quilt hoop at home watching the snow and ice of the last weekend melting away and listening to some great party music.

Die Karnevalshochburgen Düsseldorf und Köln sind nicht weit von hier.Dort wird heute geschunkelt und gesungen und die Kamelle und Strüsje fliegen wieder.
In Mainz habe ich meine Ausbildungsjahre verbracht und den Fasching hautnah erfahren, so dass es mir heute ausreicht, mit einem Quiltprojekt im Rahmen dem Schnee vom Wochenende beim Schmelzen zuzuschauen.
Bei der Musik von "Flogging Molly" kommt Partylaune von ganz alleine und die Quilt-Stiche werden immer schneller ( und unordentlicher, was solls!).

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CONNIE W said...

I once visiting my brother when he was stationed in Mainz in the US Army and I fell in love with Germany. It is part of my heritage as my ancestors came here to the US from Germany and France. I love the old architecture and the streets and shops, I took the Rhine cruise, of course, and saw the castles, oh what great memories I have of that trip.